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What is the Heck is this Twitter Thing?

Posted by Bryce Wend on May 14, 2009


I’ve got to come clean, let me just put this out there:  
My name is Bryce and I twitter.


I first heard about Twitter through a couple blogs that I follow.  First it was Michael Hyatt and then I noticed that another favorite read of mine, Pioneer Woman was doing it. My interest peaked, I had to check this Twitter thing out.




My curiosity led me to Twitter’s homepage where they have this great video to explain just what twittering is.

To tell you the truth, the video had me at hello and I immediately recognized the power of this platform. So I jumped in, signed up and started telling virtually no one what I was up to in 140 characters or less.

After checking my entire contact list to see if anyone I knew was twittering I came up empty handed. Cool, I thought to myself, I’ll be a renegade, a twittering trailblazer within my circle of friends. But talking to yourself in cyber space isn’t really all that fun.  In fact it’s just plain weird. Twitter is all about connections, you’ve got to make some friends.

SoI started following people that I did not know.

Luckily when you do this on Twitter you are not viewed as a weirdo stalker. Following people you don’t know is actually encouraged and pretty much the point. Thus the “networking” part of the term social networking. You meet people that have similar interests or are just really entertaining to read up on. I follow celebrities, new moms, green building enthusiasts, politicians, etc. You name it and you can probably find someone on Twitter who digs on what you dig on.

And while twittering takes a little getting used to, it is a lot of fun.  Plus it doesn’t take that much of my time! You can send out a tweet from your computer or your phone as quickly as it takes to dial a phone number.  

I must say this though, as with almost everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Your experience will be that much richer if you just jump in and participate.  If you’re thinking about trying it, come on in the water is just fine!


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