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SF Giants World Series

Posted by Bryce Wend on November 12, 2010

A little delayed in the posting, but in case you hadn’t heard our San Franciso Giants are the 2010 World Champions!

Casey and I got the opportunity to go to game 2 of the series here in San Francisco and it was incredible. I won’t belabor the details of making this happen with a 2-week old but it took several mini-miracles and some very generous family members to watch our incredibly challenging kiddos.  When all was said and done we went, we ate garlic fries, drank beer and cheered on the Giants to victory.   It was a fabulous time!

Here are a collection of pictures from the game.  Casey and I are two incredibly lucky people to have gotten the opportunity to see the Giants play in this winning series.  We also went to a winning game in the 2002 series but obviously they didn’t have quite the same success then. 

Casey on the Caltrain ride up to the game. 

Self-shot photo of us riding the train. 

Our seats in right field overlooking McCovey Cove.

Casey showing off the view.

Lots of party boats!

View of the field.

The energy was amazing, everyone was so pumped up.  It was definitely Giants territory, I didn’t see a single Rangers fan until we were leaving the park that evening!


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