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August Wrap Up

Posted by Bryce Wend on September 18, 2009

Well we spent the month of August as busy as bees in the Wend household. 

Here’s a quick wrap-up of what how we spent the last ‘unofficial’ month of Summer.

We visited Grammy Pat & Papi Ron’s house in the mountains and played catch with Mosey in the creek.

We took a quick family trip up to Washington for the Symond’s family reunion and Mason took his first airplane ride!

Mason tried PB&J for the first time made with homemade little wild blackberry jam from the reunion.  Big surprise, the kid really likes it!

Hershey got his bi-annual haircut.  This is the before shot.  I learned my lesson from the last time and did NOT get him a lion cut.  He may still look silly but at least his ego is in tact.

And finally, we spent a fun day with the Dagans full of swimming, barbecue and WATERMELLON!

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French Relatives

Posted by Bryce Wend on August 6, 2009

Our French relatives, Phillipe & Francois Dirand and their two boys were here visiting us this week.  They ended their 3-week long Western US vacation in beautiful Northern California and we were so glad to receive them. 

The week started off with Sunday Night dinner at Aunt Judy’s house with the entire Leguillon clan. 

So here’s the thing about Leguillon family gatherings, they are starting to get a lot louder than they used to be.  Truth be told they weren’t that quiet to begin with. 

We’ve added four babies to the family in a little over 2-years which has certainly changed the environment of family dinners.  It’s more chaotic, loud and as confusing as ever. 

They probably think we are crazy and it’s hard to argue that we’re not. 

They stayed with my parents in Brookdale all week and on Tuesday night we had them over to our house. 

Tomas, Phillipe and Ron after dinner.

Casey and Francois

Mom, Natalie, Casey and Francois after dinner.

Casey explained American Baseball to Tomas and Phillipe.  They went to their first baseball game a few days later in San Francisco.   

It was so nice to connect with the French side of the family in person again.  Their English was excellent which allowed us to have some great discussions.  

The history of our family visits go back a few decades now.  Phillipe’s parents Marie-Therese and Jean-Louis were even able to time their last visit during our wedding in 2005!  My immediate family has been over to Europe a few times as well.  

Now it’s time for Casey and I to plan a trip over there!

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