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April ’10 Wrap-Up

Posted by Bryce Wend on May 16, 2010

Spring is upon us and it is turning out to be a busy one! 

We kicked off the beginning of April with a number of Easter festivities starting with an Egg Hunt at Mason’s school. 

And they’re off and running (well not quite running)!

This is some exciting stuff!

The next day we went down to Campbell’s Bunnies and Bonnets parade.

We got to see the Easter Bunny riding on a fire truck too.  Has anyone else out there ever wondered why Easter Bunnies are always on fire trucks?

And of course there was candy…

That evening we got ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny, Mason set his basket out on the porch.

And the next morning…

The Easter Bunny came!

In the evening we went over to Aunt Judy’s to celebrate with the rest of the cousins.

Everybody was in their Sunday best.

Even cousin Rose.

Mason was coming up on his 2nd birthday this month.  I was so excited to walk into his room and find him sitting at his table reading.

All that reading may just be paying off!  He even has quite advanced reading taste if I do say so myself!

And he’s been doing a lot of dress-up lately too, mostly involving my shoes.  I’m sure he’ll live to regret this one day…

He doesn’t seem to discrimate when it comes to shoes, he’ll wear anything from espadrilles to work boots.

Oh and we got some other VERY EXCITING news… Baby Girl Wend is on her way!   Our family will be growing to one more come this October!

How is your Spring going?


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March ’10 Wrap-Up

Posted by Bryce Wend on April 6, 2010

Here’s a not-so-quick wrap up of what we were up to this last month.

Hershey got a much needed haircut.

And after:

I finally sold my Honda.  What a great car that has been for me, it was a bittersweet day to see it go.


But, I’ve got this beauty to drive around now… and I luvvv it!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s day.  We wore our green.   

And ate a delicious corned beef and cabbage dinner.

We took a trip to Vegas where Chris and Amanda got hitched.

And hosted Patty, Greg and Dylan on their drive back to Washington.

Casey’s been working really hard to finish up his latest project so it was great to spend some quality family time together.

We took an outing to the recently renovated Happy Hollow in San Jose and the kiddos had a blast!

Wow, it’s no wonder it felt like March flew by!

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Meeting The Pioneer Woman

Posted by Bryce Wend on November 14, 2009

I’ve been following The Pioneer Woman’s blog for the last couple of years.  In fact I stumbled upon this little gem of a blog three years ago, proceeded to bookmark it and have watched it rise to enormous popularity. 

Since the beginning, Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) has always come across as one of the most candid and genuinely creative people I have ever met.  I would frequently check in as she wrote about her life on the ranch, sometimes laughing hysterically at the stories that she would conjure up out of daily life. 

Her site is FULL of inspiration from motherhood to remodeling, gardening to graphic artistry.  I’ve learned a lot from the Pioneer Woman and over the years have come to really enjoy her as a friend. 

Now I use the word friend cautiously and realize that this would imply that we have a friendship.  And this is where it gets weird for me.  I feel like I know this person because she has opened up her life to me through her blog.  Yet I have never met her and I realize that I am one of thousands of readers that follow her blog.  However, I can’t help but call her a friend because anything else doesn’t seem authentic. 

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found out Ree would be traveling through Phoenix on her cook book tour the same time that we would be there for our vacation.  Casey was stuck with joining me since it was literally on our way from the airport to the hotel. 

I had a feeling that there would be a lot of people at the book signing but WOW, it was a little crazy.  A couple hundred people, mostly women and babies with a few lone husbands sprinkled throughout, gathered in a small section of this local bookstore waiting for Ree. 

 There was a camaraderie of people and the excitement really filled the air.  When Ree was announced the crowd erupted in cheers and clapping, I got goosebumps and the woman next to me started crying. 

Now THESE are what you call some serious web groupies!

The whole experience was a little surreal.  I felt dorky and awkward for being a “fan” but super excited at the same time to meet Ree in person.

While I was waiting I got the chance to meet her sister-in-law Missy who was just as adorable as Ree describes her on her blog.  Casey made me ask her to sign my book to and I’m glad I did. 

Casey was the ever-dutifull husband snapping pictures along the way.  Here I am waiting in line, getting closer… really I can’t remember the last time I felt like such a geek. 

And meeting the one and only…

I think this was about the time that we realized that her 7-year old son is named Bryce too!

Ree was even more adorable and sweeter in person than I would have imagined and I’m thrilled that I finally got to meet her. 

If you have some time, head on over to meet The Pioneer Woman, I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

P.S.   Here is Ree’s post of the first part of her tour recap.  In the Phoenix group photo you can see Casey standing in the back of the room in a blue shirt!

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