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Ryan Turns 5-Months Old

Posted by Bryce Wend on March 13, 2011

Ahh, the ‘golden age’ of infancy…. the screaming is becoming a distant memory and the smiles are plentiful. 

That’s right folks, our girl has hit the 5-month mark! 

And Mason is doing really well with her for the most part.  He’s finally accepted that she’s here to stay and has decided that he kinda likes her (the fact that she isn’t screaming all the time helps a bit).  But, Ryan is utterly IN LOVE with her big brother.  She can’t get enough of him and his antics. 

I’m thinking she’s starting to look a bit like me, whadya think?


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Ryan Turns 3-Months Old

Posted by Bryce Wend on January 26, 2011

Well we made it to three months!  “They” say that the crying should be lessening up a bit from here on out.  I suppose that it is decreasing a little every day but she still has a way of making the world stop turning when she wants to. 

Over the last month Ryan is trying to sit up a lot more, her neck is getting a lot stronger.  She loves to suck on her fingers, frankly she loves to stick her whole fist in her mouth when she can pull it off.  We’re still unsure about her eye color but her eyelashes are to die for.  They are so long!  Is it normal to be jealous of your daughter at 3-months?

She loves her bath time, which is a nice change from Mason who just mildly tolerated it at this age. 

Here are her latest photos with Leslie Trixie.

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Ryan Turns 2-Months Old

Posted by Bryce Wend on December 14, 2010

Well our little girl is growing up right before our eyes. 

Some days it seems like she is going to be a newborn forever (usually when she is going into the second hour of a colic-induced screaming bend),  BUT then there are days where she is full of coos and smiles and I want to freeze these moments in time.  I am learning that parenthood is a careful balancing act between looking forward to the next steps in your child’s life and relishing in the present moment for what it has to offer.

I’m going to try to take Ryan’s photo every month next to my original Cabbage Patch doll to chart her growth.  Here she is at 1-month old. 

And here she is at 2-months old (please excuse all of the contrasting prints in this photo).

Notice the overalls that Leslie Trixie is wearing?  Those were embroidered by my mom when I was a wee-one.  They actually say Bryce Lee on them, how cute is that?

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