The Wend Family

Opening our hearts to life’s possibilities

About Our Family

about casey
birthplace:  Longview, WA
sports played in high school:  football, wrestling
first car:  1976 Chevy Blazer, primed fender panels and all
favorite food:  bruno’s pizza and taco time from Longview
best time of the year:  Winter
favorite construction project:  anaheim convention center
biggest professional impact:  dan dagnen 
childhood aspiration:  president of the united states
most unique honor received:  winner of county-wide poetry contest in 1993
biggest challenge:  leaving work at the office
favorite sports teams:  boise state broncos, chicago bears, san antonio spurs

about bryce
birthplace:  san francisco, ca
favorite ice cream:  ben & jerry’s cookie dough
favorite place:  my bed
first job:  banquet server at a christian camp in the santa cruz mountains
gpa:  high school 3.7   college 2.8 (good times)
childhood dream job:  architect
places you’ve lived:  brookdale, san luis obispo, pasadena, huntington beach, burlingame &  campbell (all in ca)
childhood nickname:  bones

about us
We met in Reno at a competition for Construction Management students.  Casey was there with his team from Idaho and Bryce was there with her team from California.  Although Bryce’s team from Cal Poly won the competition, we both left Reno “big winners”.  

We started our careers in California and Casey eventually relocated to Northern California were we lived together for almost five years. 

In the fall of 2004 we became engaged and got married the following year.  Our wedding took place in the Almaden area of San Jose on a beautiful Summer day in 2005.  Baby Mason came along three years later in April 2008 and we were blessed with our second child, our daughter Ryan in October 2010.


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