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Scott Court: The Before and Afters

Posted by Bryce Wend on September 27, 2011

After seven great years in our home at Scott Court it’s time to move on.  In honor of our very first house I am dedicating this post to the best little starter home a gal could ask for.  When we bought this house it was full of possibilities and we filled it to the brim with a life well lived over the last several years. 

Here’s a collection of the before and after photos. 

Front Yard

Living Room

Dining Room

The ‘Great Room’ Project

Breakfast Nook


Master Bedroom

Master Bath


Kid’s Room


Backyard (2) 

And the best before and after ever:

Goodbye Scott Court!

2 Responses to “Scott Court: The Before and Afters”

  1. Lauren said

    I LOVE this post! All the pics are so cool. Makes me a little sad though. But onto bigger and better!

  2. […] sold our house and moved into a temporary […]

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