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Thanksgiving 2010

Posted by Bryce Wend on December 10, 2010

This year we journeyed up to Washington to celebrate Thanksgiving with Casey’s side of the family.  It was an adventure making the 12-hour drive up North and back but certainly well worth it.  Especially since this was the first time that Ryan was able to meet all her relatives. 

The weather was incredibly cold in the Pacific Northwest during our visit.  We first encountered snow driving through Northern California and then again in Washington while we were there.  Mason had a great time playing out in the snow with Casey and Grandpa. 

Ryan got a chance to meet all of her relatives as well.  She took to her great-grandmother, Oma right away. 

And Uncle Chris…

Aunt Amanda…

And don’t forget her Cousin Dylan…

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Greg & Patty’s.

We had a wonderful time visiting with family, especially now that our family is growing!

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