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Boy’s Weekend

Posted by Bryce Wend on October 12, 2009

This past weekend I took a much needed mommy weekend to Palm Springs with some friends. 

This gave Casey and Mason the opportunity to spend some father/son bonding time without me.

Casey’s been pretty busy with work lately, so I lined up some back-up help just in case he needed it. 

Mason can be a handful sometimes. 

On Saturday they went out to breakfast, walked the neighborhood, played with the neighbor dogs and ended their day going out to dinner with our friends Dan and Parker.  

Sunday morning started out by getting the car washed, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, getting Mason his first haircut and then going to The Jungle with the Levy’s.  This was followed up by shopping for some new clothes at Old Navy and a home cooked meal of turkey meatloaf and chili.    

I don’t think they missed me.  One bit.


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