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Gut Check Tuesday #6

Posted by Bryce Wend on August 4, 2009

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Finally getting my in-box and to-do list under some semblance of control at work
  2. Yummy, juicy and perfectly ripe peaches from the local farmer’s market
  3. Working for a great client
  4. Getting the chance to go to the 2002 World Series (Giants v. Angels).  Who can forget that silly rally monkey?
  5. My free public school education
  6. Paying off my final college loan this week
  7. A great time visiting with the French relatives during their trip to the U.S.
  8. Being able to afford groceries
  9. Dinner at La Fondue with Ari
  10. My sweet husband

What are you grateful for today?


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