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Gut Check Tuesday #3

Posted by Bryce Wend on June 26, 2009

Ok so today isn’t Tuesday, you caught me (***raising hands up in innocence***)

It’s been such a WEIRD week this week. With picking up a cold in the middle of June (seriously?), divorce announcements (oh no you DID-NT Jon & Kate), celebrity deaths (goodbyes to McMahon, Fawcett and the King of Pop), a crazy work week for both of us AND oh yeah, our wedding anniversary mysteriously snuck up on us and was gone before we knew it.


Anyway, I digress… today I am grateful for:
1.  The Lose-It app for my iPhone, it just may be the magic ticket to dropping this weight.
2.  Mason being in a good mood this morning when he woke up.  It’s crazy how the mood of a toddler can determine whether you get out of the house at 6:15 or 7:00.  45 minutes attributed to stress, strife and an increase in blood pressure is NOT what I need every morning. 
3.  Four wonderful years of marriage with decades more to come!
4.  The great music of Michael Jackson.  Thriller, PYT, Bad, Man in the Mirror all had a big impact on my life growing up. 
5.  It’s Friday, nuff said.
6.  Living near a Trader Joes.
7.  Wedding season, looking forward to gathering with old friends.
8.  NyQuil.  That stuff is good, real good.
9.  Pandora Radio.
10.  The opportunity to work on a project that transforms the built environment for youth and community.

What are you grateful for today?

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